The essence of document-based domain application is that the application and important changes (eg name change, transfer, change of registrar) can only be made on the basis of a document, even if this document is created electronically and the parties only communicate with each other electronically.

Domains registered before July 1, 2020 are all registered on document basis.

How does the document-based domain application work?

We outline the domain registration process here, but we also summarize the most important information in this article.

The applicant is required to enter into a contract with a registrar to register and maintain the domain. The method of concluding a contract may differ from registrar to registrar.

The contract can be concluded:

  • remotely, online, creating an electronic application form, or
  • on a traditional, paper-based basis, during which the contract often referred to as Application Form is created.

A sample Application Form can be found here.